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Domestic sewage treatment plant to Philippines


Domestic sewage treatment plant to Philippines

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Domestic sewage treatment plant in hospital

The raw waste water was from domestic sewage ,we design sewage treatment plant disposal capacity 30m3 per day,1.5m3/h , working time 20 hours one day.

The packaged sewage treatment plant includes primary setting tank,anoxia tank, oxidation tank, secondary settling tank,cleaning water tank and etc five parts. First enter into primary settling tank,  it used to primary remove the settling matter and floats, it can relieve the following loading.then sewage enter into anoxia tank, due to sewage organism content is high, microorganism in anoxia condition, now the microorganism is facultative , they will transform the organic nitrogen into ammonia nitrogen, at the same time, using organic carbon source as electron donor, to make the NO2-NNO3-N translate into N2, and using part of carbon source and ammonia nitrogen synthesis new cellular material. so anoxia tank has certain function of organic matter removal , relieve the organic load of follow-up oxidation tank, to benefit to nitrification, and rely on high concentration organism in sewage , to finish denitrification, finally eliminate the nitrogen eutrophication pollution.  By anoxia tank biochemical action, the sewage still contain some organism and higher ammonia nitrogen, in order to make organism further oxic degradation, at the same time, when carbonization tend to finish, nitrification can smoothly going on , thus set O grade oxidation tank.