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Ion exchanger automatic water softener


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Ion exchanger automatic water softener

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Full automatic softener

    JSY series automatic softener based on the USA famous FLECK company soften water treatment technique, bring in FLECK most advanced full automatic control system, Fusion domestic excellent design and process, developed the softened water treatment equipment with international advanced level.

    Controller and multi-direction water valve, ion exchange tank and brine rank , control system is composed of top multi-direction valve and controller .    

     Steady and accurate operation:  

softener start working procedure by mechanical flow meter, or mechanical timer, control device by micro-motor drive whole program , finish  automatic control of water soften and resin regeneration, due to adopt mechanical control during overall process, equipment operation steady and accurate, only need to add regenerant at regular when using , it can be continuous work and supply demand under program control.     

Advanced unique pile-up valve: the piston or Valve plate integrated control valve is composed of valve body, valve element, separation body , unique structure, superior material, well hydraulics performance, strong valve body , no leakage, Valve core surface coated with teflon as cover,  valve body has small friction resistance during work, wear resistance.
      Fine quality ideal tank body devise: tank body Spiral wound FRP or adopt PE material mechanism, withstand voltage, acid resistance .Corrosion resistance.
Low power efficiency: contious working, automatic control, fast revolve, high utilization rate, regeneration use jet flow principle, no need salt pump, Use salt control precision, reduce personal error and salt consume.

Time-saving and saving labor, easy installation, simple operation, program control, no need staff operate.
  三,Working Parameter
  Inlet pressure0.2Mpa-0.6Mpa
   Work  temperature2-50
    Power Supply220V/50Hz
    Raw water hardness≤6.4mmol/L
    Effluent water hardness≤0.03mmol/L
    Arrangement formunit tank or several tank in parallel   

Regeneration  way cocurrent flow regeneration
 Operation Program  Automatic Program control
  Resin : strongly acidic cation-exchange resin

四、System constitute
    Full automatic control valveFRP resin tank +  exchange resinPE brine tank
Applicationused in front of  reverse osmosis device, with the function of reduce or remove Ca2+Mg2+ ionic , extend reverse osmosis system happen inorganic salt scaling time, to protect reverse osmosis membrane system. Used in boiler waterchemical industryhotellaundry domestic watertextile industry and reverse osmosis pretreatment etc scope.

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