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anoxia tank submersible mixer

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Function and application condition:
  This mixer suitable for all kind of water treatment process which need keep solid、liquid_ two phase or solid、liquid 、air three phase uniform mixing reaction area.
 Normal continuous operation condition:
★Maxi temperature no over 40°C      ★ medium PH 5-9
★Medium density no over 1150KG/M^3  
★long term diving operation, diving water depth no over 20m
Attention items when chose models:
  In order to guarantee mixer to get the best operation effect, pls supply the 
◎  Application purpose
◎ tank type and dimension
◎ Mixing media characteristic: contain Viscosity, density, temperature and solid content etc.
Installation system:
The special install system of mixer can be fast installation and dismantle submersible mixer no need discharge out the sewage in tank.
When tank depth H <4m, suggest adopt install system Ⅰ-1. The diving depth 
Can make adjustment in vertical direction according to requirement, and it can rotating maxi angle plus or minus 60° around guide pad is  in horizontal direction inner hoist system base、supporting bracket and below bracket and all concerned connect face all adopt expansion bolt fix, no need reserved hole.
Installation system Ⅱ using guide rope instead of guide pad, it has the feature of convenient installation, simple site installation etc, and effective improve too much depth tank condition, due to guide pad installation error and lead to can’