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ultrafiltration equipment

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Ultra Filtration Equipment
Ultra filtration membrane is using nanometer level physical bore diameter in the action of pressure, it is pure physical process of separating 、purification and concentrated the matters in feed liquid, it won’t cause the separating matter variation of chemical property, it is a very safety and reasonable filtration and concentrated manner. 
The main treatment unit of ultra filtration system is ultra filtration device , adopting  UF-225 model ultra filtration membrane as core treatment components of such separation system, this ultra filtration membrane using the modified polymer material hollow fiber, its surface activate layer is compact, supporting layer is double row fat shape structure, so its has high tensile strength、small transmembrane pressure difference、good backwashing effect、resist pollution、long service life , can guarantee the water quality for long time,  it has better removal ability to colloid、suspended particle 、chroma、 turbidity、bacterium and macro molecule organism.
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