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pipeline diffuser

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Pipeline air diffuser
The air diffuse rubber hose of  QMZM series pipeline aerator is original  import material, with steady physics & chemistry performance, long service life, unique  perforation, the hole diameter is unique and fine, the extend air bubble with small diameter, air liquid interface with big area, thus ,it has higher oxygen transfer efficiency, with high oxygen filling efficiency. Compare with other current aeration device,it can greatly save power consumption, reduce waste water treatment cost;due to the diffurse rubber hose adopt import rubber make, it has superior physics &mechanical performance; the accessories and air pipeline use ABS engineering plastic combined,it has strong resistant to tarnishing, with reliable performance, it greatly reduce operation
maintenance work amount.  Such series of belong to not easy blocking type, it can 
Automatic washing、to prevent wastewater reverse flow; due to air blower temporary 
Stop supplying air,the thin film shrink closure at once,to avoid sewage permeate 
inverse in the pipeline, when air blower start again,the thin film fast extend and release air bubble, the sludge will rebound off which adhere in film surface.
Connection and fasten manner: 
Layer insert connection (DN80、DN100、DN125、DN150)、the perforation threaded connections(ø25)
Stainless steel clamp (ø67、ø80,ø91、ø120)、ABS plastic clamp (ø67、ø80,ø91、ø120);
Equip all kind of connection workpiece,to meet up pipeline diffuser connect with different material pipeline;
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