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packaged domestic sewage treatment plant in Nigeria

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packaged domestic sewage treatment plant in Nigeria


               Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant


with economic and population growth, nature pollution was more and more valued by people, based on summarizing domestic sewage treatment plant operating experience at home and abroad ,combine our company’s scientific achievements and engineering practice, designed one whole set organic waste water treatment plant which can be buried underground or ground, it was adopt carbon steel lining with anti-corrosion painting as main material YMSZ type compact sewage treatment plant, its main purpose is make domestic sewage and similar industrial organic sewage to achieve user's emissions standards after treatment by this plant, its mainly used  in treating domestic sewage in Residential area (including villa district)senior hotelcomplex office and various of public hospital buildings, final cleaning water quality can achieve national emission standard after treatment. The whole set plant can be buried underground or lay on the ground, so it is known as "compact sewage treatment plant." it adopt international advanced biological treatment processes, set  removing BOD5, COD, NH3-N together, with the advantage of Technical performance stable and reliable, good treatment effect, save investment, small occupy area, and easy maintenance.


1, Its installation manner can be underground or ground, the surface above plant can be used as green or other land, no housing and heating, insulation.

2, The contact oxidation process adopt plug-flow bio-contact oxidation, treatment effect better than completely mixed or two grade series completely mixed biological contact oxidation pool. And smaller than activated sludge tank, strong adaptability to water quality , resistance to shock loading performance, effluent water quality stability, it won’t produce sludge bulking. Tank body equip new flexible three-dimensional biological carrier , large surface area, microbial easy to hang film and stripping, in same organic load condition, high removal rate of organic matter, improve oxygen solubility in water.

3, The biochemical tank adopt biological contact oxidation, its biological carrier volume loading relatively low volume , microbial stay in self-oxidation section, less sludge production, only each three months  or more days discharge one time sludge, (using suction truck or dehydration cake transport away).

4, control manner have PLC fully automatic control and manual control , electric parts setting failure alarm, safe and reliable operation, usually no need special expert management generally, only timely maintenance small parts of plant.


Scope of Application

1. Hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals.

2. Residential areas, village, townVilla,shelter etc

3. Stations, airports, port terminals and ship.

4. Factories, mines, military, tourist, scenic.

5. All kinds of industrial wastewater similar with domestic sewage.

Design influent and  effluent water Parameter

Influent water from domestic sewage,which contain restaurants ( some oil), hotels laundry and showers,toilet sewage etc;



Influent water quality


effluent water quality


















Technical processing confirm

Traditional sewage treatment process can divide into biological membrane manner and activated sludge manner, biological membrane suitable to small water volumesteady water quality low concentration sewage water quality, better system commission.  Steady back operation, better operability. Sewage water quality set as traditional routine: CODCr ≤ 550mg/lBOD5 ≤250mg/l,BOD5/CODcr near 0.5better biodegradability, due to ammonia nitrogen and organism content is high, especially organic nitrogen,  when biological degradation organism, the organic nitrogen will be express in the form of ammonia nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen is a key pollution control index, so such sewage treatment adopt anoxia oxic A/O biological contact oxidation process, so the biochemical tank divide into A grade anoxia tank and O grade oxidation tank two parts. 

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