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mechanical bar thin screen

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                    Rotary mechanical bar screen

1working principle

      The rotary mechanical bar screen is one special equipment which use inlet water source intercept solid waste,it can continuous automatic clear away all shape of flotage; when bar screen chain in the driven of reducer, do circulation motion as working direction, at the same time, the water flow in water channel pass by screen gap, the rake of bar screen will intercept the solid sundries in water, and it will fish out by moving rakes, together with rake chain move upward to reach top, by chain wheel and bend rail guiding,to produce relative movement between each group rakes,to reach self-cleaning purpose, make most parts of solid sundries drop down due to self gravity,  due to rake bar screen chain is one closed cycle device, so it can automatic continuous working, clean up the floating sundries in water continuously;

2General performance description

  It suitable for clean up the floating matter in waste water, its main parts is rake tooth filtering element. The whole bar screen directly install in the channel, by rake convey to bar screen driven device rear higher position and discharge out. Two sides of bar screen frame all fixed on the concrete channel, and convenient for disassemble, it can guarantee all waste water in channel can pass by bar screen in installation;

 Once it recover operation after break off operating,it can remove all accumulate screen residues in fully obstructed.  The screen rack , main frame and all moving components all were outdoor type, it can guarantee it has longest service life in worst environment;

3Performance and structure

 Its mainly composed of rackdriven device (motor reducer)two sides hauling chainjockey sprockethooked type rake tooth and electric control cabinet; 

◆ rake tooth

The rake tooth was make up by many small tooth rake connection into one big rotary surface,fish out residues completecleanoperate flexible reliable; the rake tooth has enough strength and stiffness, it won’t cause connect shaft bend or influence rake steady movement or break away chain,the rake tooth was mode of nylon;  

◆  rack and rack shield

The bar screen rackrack shield use rather dimensional stainless steel welding,to form one rigid support structure. The rack and shield all continuous welding, to prevent waste water leakage outside; the device rack inside setting hauling chain do circulation motion rail, the rack two sides was stainless steel plate, to constitute bar screen frame, its fracture surface with enough dimension to meet maxi work loading request. The rack two sides and screen channel gap interval by rubber blanking plate in  rack two sides to prevent rubbish;

◆  rake tooth chain

The rake tooth chain was assembled by one group unique and rake tooth , with strong loading ability, little damage. Rake tooth operation steady, rake tooth settling on average, convenient for replace and has enough strength and stiffness. In order to avoid sundries enter into rake hauling chain, creatively design closed hauling chain, thus to make bar screen operation more steady and reliable; the rake tooth end smooth, it can make the sundries effective drop off, won’t return waste water;

◆ Driven device

  The driven device of bar screen with compact structure, adjust maintenance convenient,the driven device setting chain tightening devicemechanical overloading device, the chain safety factor bigger than 6, driven device flexiblesteady reliableno abnormal sound;  the driven device setting safety shield, its structure style convenient for maintenance inspection, and it can meet up outdoor installation request;

The driven shaft can bear bending moment and torque meanwhile work loading,

The bear and all rotating position lubrication can automatic proceed. The driven motor is F grade insulation, 380v,3ph,50hz;

◆  Prevent chain fall off measure

The hauling chain fall off mainly is conveying chain horizontal move and caused chain too long with sprocket mesh bad , first in design,the pin roll inside left and right two sides conveying chain design shroud, pin roll one side fixed using jump ring.

The convey chain may get longer due to long time in pull condition work , it can by adjust tightening wheel to guarantee chain rotate normal mesh, to guarantee chain rotating normal work in vertical direction;

4main material

rackhauling chaintransmission chaindriven sprocketjockey sprocketboltnut、:SS304

rake toothnylon      blind plate: rubber

5.electric control cabinet

    The electric control cabinet use site start stop control cabinet, there set start stop button and start,stop ,fault alarming, and set overloading protection etc; it has manual and automatic two manner, the manual control can be realize by button one the electric control cabinet, the automatic operation is realize by timer , each operate 30 minutes, stop 60 minutes ,in such a cycle;

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