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lamella clarifier


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lamella clarifier

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Lamella clarifier

1. Introduction

The lamella clarifier also called inclined plate sediment tank,  

It is kind of high efficient combined type settling tank; set many dense inclined tube packing in sediment area, to make the suspended impurity in water sediment, water rise flow along inclined tube, the separated sludge down to the tank bottom along the inclined tube by gravity, then discharge it in concentration. Such tank can improve sediment efficiency 50~60%, it can improve treatment capacity 3~5 times in the same area. It can design different flow rate inclined plate sediment device according to raw waste water test report, it need dose flocculant usually.

Inclined plate sediment water purifier is format by install 60° dip angle inclined tube above the sludge suspended layer, to make the suspended solids or floc alum flower by dosing flocculant accumulate into thin sludge later in inclined tube downside superficial area, slide back to sludge suspended layer rely on gravity, then settling in sludge collecting hopper, discharge into sludge tank by sludge pipe for separate treatment or comprehensive utilization. The supernatant fluid gradually rise to water collecting pipe discharge or reuse.

 2. Feature:

1)simple structurewithout wearing partswear welldecrease maintenance

2)steady operationeasy operation

3)small powersave energy

4)small occupy area, low investment, high efficient

5)short retention time, high sediment efficiency, no sludge backflow.

(三)Application scope

1. electroplate effluent contain many kinds of metal ion, crcuFeZn Ni etc remove rate all above 90%, after treatment, all can reach discharge standard.

2. coal minemineral processing waste water all can make the turbidity from 500-1500 mg/L reduce to 5 mg/L.

3. printing and dyeingbleach and dye etc effluent chroma removing rate reach 70~90%,COD remove rate 50-70%.

4. Tannery food etc industrial sewage COD remove rate 50~80%, impurity solids remove rate above 90%.

5. chemical waste water COD remove rate 60~70%, chroma removal rate 60~90%, suspended solids reach discharge standard

(四)Structure introduction

1. Inclined tube material: PVCPEPP ,inclined plate: carbon steel lining
2.Inclined tube cross section is regular hexagon, inclined plate cross section can be parallel-plate.
3. The cleaning water area height is 1.0-1.5m above the inclined pipe top, the water distribution zone below the bottom no less than 1.0-1.5m, mechanical discharge sludge, the water distribution zone height should more than 1.6m, convenient install and maintenance.
4. The Re number in water flow less than 500,Fr number is 10-3—10-5 in inclined pipe.
5. Inclined tube design flow rate is 1.0-4.0mm/s, inclined plate 10-20mm/s.

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